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At last, the new novel, The Perseus Problem, is here! The e-book is available on Amazon now, and the paperback version is coming soon.

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Rene D Young

Science Fiction is the genre of the books
Progressive Rock is the genre of the music

Rene began writing Science Fiction novels in 2017 with Alien Dream, based on the story told in the lyrics of the concept album of the same name, which was released earlier that year. Music has been a major part of his life since childhood.

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Albums Released

Alien Revelation

Book 3 of the Alien Dream series

Alien Earth

Book 2 of the Alien Dream series

Alien Dream

Book 1 of the Alien Dream series

Alien Dream

The concept album (2017)

Hawking Wind

4-song EP (2016)


Full album (2015)

And the answer is lost in the word

Rene Young

A cover of the Tom Petty song

A track from the Alien Dream album

A track from the Hawking Wind EP

The title track from the album Word.

Another track from the Word album.

A track from the album Dreams of Flying.